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Wow! These criminals should hire you because you wrote exactly what I’ll bet they say!😆🙄 Anyone who still believes any of their BS, though, is sadly beyond help as they are too brainwashed or blue-pilled. I’d say you covered what’s coming very well.

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You can bet their coming BS narrative will be VERY close to what I wrote as a "fantasy." And yes, it's quite tragic how many of the "normies" still believe in all or some of the "official narrative" even though they may be getting some inkling that something may be awry.

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Yes, the town halls had better be virtual, for their safety.

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Wanted to pick up on this headline -"American Cancer Society Blames Traditional Values for Some Higher Cancer Rates" ... as stated above.

2minute video says it all - apologies if you have seen it before, YOU MUST WATCH TO THE END.

How Rockefeller Founded Modern Medicine and Killed Natural Cures =


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