I share information… I’m not into trying to change existing opinions.

The “bio weapon” here is indeed the Spike Protein… it’s the ultimate “troublemaker” here. It’s what irritates the the lining of the cardiovascular 🫀 system, etc.

I’m sorry if you hold a different view.

You will need to do more of your own due diligence…

Thank you for reading and responding.

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Dr Phillippes observations in regards to transmission of magnetically charged graphene to uncontaminated individuals is truly terrifying.

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Indeed… remember, this is a bio weapon deliberately engineered to behave in that manner.

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I got the pfizer shedding from giving my neighbors a ride on 6/23/2021 they both took 1 and 2 shots of pfizer, I still have massive headaches, my period is never the same with some clots, right eye floaters, I now need to wear glasses to read anything, night sweat, feeling tired and weak, it feels like my days are numbered, stay out of cars with them warn everyone you know

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Sorry about what happened to you... Yes, shed Spike Proteins form the Vaxxed CAN and DO affect and infect others. I'd try various alternative "cures" until you find one that works. Sorry you are having health challenges.

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Can you be infected by kissing someone who's been jabbed twice (I'm unvaxxed) ?

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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022Author

My understanding is you can "catch" the Spike Protein (not the actual virus) simply by being in close proximity to exhalation from Vaxxed folks. Live Covid-19 virus is NOT spread from the Vaxxed, but I'm pretty certain they DO shed Spike Proteins. Further, kissing and/or the exchange of sexual fluids or even sweat will significantly up-level the concentration of your exposure to Spike Protein levels. If you really like someone and are planning to be intimate with them, I'd follow this article's recommendations regarding various supplements to boost your immune system for kissing and then use condoms for any more serious physical intimacy. Unless you are living in a silo, we are ALL exposed to Spike Proteins every day when we are out and about, irrespective of kissing anyone. I take ten (10) supplements per day. If I go out for business or errands, when I come back home I ALWAYS strip off ALL my clothing and wash it AND I take a second shower and a full shampoo before going to bed so I don't contaminate my bed. I'm single at the moment and my preference would be to date an un-Vaxxed person, however, life and lovers don't always work that way. You still need to try to lead some semblance of a normal life AND you need to manage/reduce risk without being a nut case about it.

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Be very cautious about recommending and/or using N-acetyl cysteine, as there are documented effects NAC has on prolonging, and thus promoting, cancers. Here is an overview article:

"N-Acetyl Cysteine: A Warning Shot"


"Here's the good part: the animals who got NAC supplementation really did show significantly fewer of those signs of oxidative damage in their lung tissue. It also reduced signs of cell senescence and overt histological damage of aging as well, such as emphysema lesions (all of these were markedly worse in the JunD knockouts, but NAC improved them as well). So far, so good, and this is exactly the case you'd make if you were pitching NAC as something people should take for healthy lungs as they age. But hold on.

"None of the aged normal mice showed signs of adenocarcinoma developing in their lung tissue. But 10% of the aged normals getting NAC supplementation showed it. None of the aged JudD knockouts showed any, either, but **50%** of the aged JunD knockouts getting the NAC supplementation had it. The best guess is that cell senescence pathway that seemed to be inhibited with the NAC: some of these are in fact cells that should have died and didn't, and went on to become cancerous:

—"Our results therefore support a direct role for NAC in tumor initiation. This role seems independent from antioxidant gene expression, since opposite variations in antioxidant enzyme expression were seen in healthy mice and JunD–/– mice during aging. The protective effect of NAC against lung emphysema is an expected consequence of the decrease in lung senescent-cell accumulation. Altering the cell senescence process, however, may produce undesirable consequences, since senes- cent cells are well known to constitute a barrier to cell transformation and tumorigenesis.—

"Now that's something to think about, isn't it? It comes with the usual caveats about mouse models, but it ties in with the other reports that cancer is a complex enough situation that trying to prevent it (or treat it) with antioxidants is ill-advised at the very least. All of our cellular processes involve tradeoffs, and we've had a billion years or two for them to come into balance. Now, we may not agree with some of the equilibria we've reached, but we need to have a better understanding of all these checks and balances before we go in messing around with them. For example, I find longevity research very interesting indeed, and many of us would prefer to live longer than evolution cares about us living, but lifespan is a tradeoff between several other factors, too (one of which is the eventual development of cancer)."

This is the cited article from the Science.org brief:

"The antioxidant N-acetylcysteine protects from lung emphysema but induces lung adenocarcinoma in mice"


Here are other articles reporting similar findings, along with descriptions for proposed mechanisms for actions for what's occurring:

"N-Acetyl-L-cysteine Promotes Ex Vivo Growth and Expansion of Single Circulating Tumor Cells by Mitigating Cellular Stress Responses"


"N-Acetylcysteine Promotes Metastatic Spread of Melanoma in Mice"


"Chronic treatment with N-acetyl-cystein delays cellular senescence in endothelial cells isolated from a subgroup of atherosclerotic patients"


⏩A key takeaway: If you have followed Walter Chesnut's Substack postings on how SARS-CoV-2 Spike relates to aging and senescence (e.g.: https://wmcresearch.substack.com/p/friday-hope-fasting-removing-senescent), then you can start to see a connection here. Namely, recommending NAC is ⚠counterproductive⚠ when the goal is detoxifying from the effects of Spike-induced damage to the body. NAC mitigates cellular senescence, and thus allows damaged cells to continue functioning —so if the cell has become cancerous and would ordinarily signal to the rest of the body that it needs destruction, it won't undertake this process but instead continue growing and metastasizing. Keeping around these senescent cells will harm one's overall inflammatory response, as the body will have to respond to new infections and cellular aging along with these cells that NAC has grandfathered in.

㊙"You will need to do more of your own due diligence..."

Wise advice!

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I have just edited this newsletter, as follows:

How to Detox** your body from the Spike Protein after having COVID-19 or getting the Vaccine...

** Since this article was published, we have received information from a reader, Polemos, advising against the use of NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) for detox purposes. Kindly read their detailed post and links in the comment section below.

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were the mice given all the chemicals of the shots? perhaps the nano lipids were responsible for weakening the body against the cancer allowing it to get a hold of the bodies of the mice? a lot of cancer is caused by or fueled by gut bacteria, in particular lung cancer (butyrate producing bacteria are the cause). perhaps the v/chemicals caused dysbiosis and the nano lipids shut the bodies defences down and didnt have anything to do with the nac?

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Can anyone explain the relevance of furin cleavage to vax detox? Does the vax code for a cleavage site and would cleavage be a good or bad thing overall?

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QRD: This is analogical, and not comprehensively descriptive, but think of a rubber band someone spreads between their index finger and thumb, holding it in tension and placed against your skin. Then, with their other hand, they pull it back by pinching it, so that if they let go, it'll whack against your skin and hurt. The pinch is like the furin cleavage site, where once they let go, the band is free to contract and resolve its tension: likewise, when the site cleaves, a portion of the Spike protein will "shoot" into the cell past its outer membrane and fuse wth it, promoting entry of the nucleic material into the cell, causing further damage and dysfunction even if replication doesn't occur. By mitigating the effect of the furin cleavage process, there are fewer opportunities for Spike to infect cells, and thus allow more time for the body to process, degrade and remove Spike from its systems.

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Do you have to take all of this?? What if you had covid 8 months ago?? We didn’t know then to use this stuff??

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I’ve had C-19 twice so far; I am not Vaxxed.

I had it at the end of January 2020… very early-on.

And I just had in again in May.

Both cases were with mild to medium symptoms.

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Here’s my personal daily supplement protocol (1 of each of these):

Centrum Multivitamin


Raw Zinc Capsule

Solgar Vitamin C

NAC from Swanson


Protandim (world’s most powerful non-prescription antioxidant)

All of these inhibit the “action” of the Spike Protein… which is the real bad guy here.

None of these will ostensibly “prevent” one from catching COVID-19, however, taken regularly, these should “moderate” the symptoms while the illness runs its course.

And yes, I take all these supplements daily.

As currently constituted, I will never willingly get the Vaxx.

FYI, all those supplements, with the exception of the Protandim, are available online at either Walmart or Amazon.

Protandim is a direct sales item.

I’ve been taking it daily since March 2011, when I was first told about it by a prominent cardiologist.

I’m a reseller for Protandim.

If you are interested in it, here’s my website and online store:

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This is all starting to get very messy!! I read that spike from infection does not get into the blood so how does it cause all of these issues in infected?? How long after having infection could one detox?? We had it past Nov and at the time no one was suggesting detox for us. We did treat using IVM and FLCCC protocol plus three in a few other things from McCollugh and Dr Z.

Thank you!

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